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Bringing together a comprehensive security system that incorporates the broad requirements to protect a transportation environment, incorporating the necessary disciplines.
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Knowledge Based on Collective Experience

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

The Community Security Best Practises (CBSP) incorporates Port Security Management Systems.

Days after the 2016 Brussels Airport attack, the INTEPORPOLICE led an international team in Brussels with the primary Belgian Federal Police Commissioner, who oversaw the incident and gained insight into the investigation and immediate requirements.

The 4 Ps bring together a comprehensive security strategy for transporation environments.

The strategy is organised around four workstreams:

  • Prevent

  • Protect

  • Prepare

  • Pursue

The strategy is addressed in the Community Security Best Practice (CSBP) and incorporates a top-down Port Security Management System (PSeMS).

Together, It brings forth principles based on lessons learned, evidence-based practices, and assurance security systems, forming a methodology and approach that supports security resilience.

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On site & Virtual Classroom Training

Knowledge comes from experience and needs to be brought to those securing the jurisdiction, from the officers to the chiefs. This can include community environment awareness tactics and security management systems. Our training spans from the classroom, virtually, to work with specialized universities.

Experienced Leadership with Training & Gap Analysis

From training programmes that provide near-term operational tactics at little cost to in-depth week-long training, we provide flexible onsite and virtual programmes.

CSBP comes with a free self-GAP Analysis for the initial evaluation. From there, the jurisdiction can obtain additional assistance. Or have an onsite security evaluation.

Neville Hay

Head of Training

Andrew McCumpha

Head of Standards & Pratises


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