International Council on Security and Resilience


Working collaboratively as one for better outcomes:


Port Security Management Systems

Collaboratively, we have engaged in a process of learning, responding, training, and evaluating to ensure that both our organizations and others are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. An exemplary illustration of this is incident review. Initially addressing communication challenges during active shooter events, our focus expanded to encompass incident reviews involving active shooters, terrorism, and other severe crimes. From these reviews emerged not only valuable insights but also a set of best practices.

Over a span of five years, we consistently convened in forums or conducted on-site evaluations of various scenarios. Our approach always included visiting the site shortly after an incident or receiving briefings from individuals directly involved. Unfortunately, due to the constraints imposed by COVID-19, these forums were temporarily suspended.

Our efforts, however, are set on a committed joint international alliance and resuming this process in the upcoming year. Our intention is to review additional incidents and revisit the outcomes of our reviews, particularly our Community Security Best Practice Guide. Through this ongoing process, we strive to enhance our preparedness and response capabilities continually.

Elevating What Has Worked to a Whole New Level: ICSR Committees


Based on the success of our international incident review security work. We look to formally bring together authorities and organizations to work internationally on ICSR to address operational and crisis management challenges in support of the combination of 4Ps and PSeMS.


The committee will be broken down into segments addressing different areas of risk based on PSeMS





International Council for Security and Resilience

Port Security Managment Systems

Reformatting the Committee Structure

Best Practices Reexamined for Safety & Security

  1. Policy and Legislation

  2. Risk Assessment & Crisis Management

  3. Technology and Innovation

  1. Training and Capacity development

  2. Cybersecurity

  3. Supply Chain Security

The ICSR Committee Structure

Overall, this committee structure enables the ICSR to effectively address the complex challenges facing port security and resilience by leveraging its authority organizations' collective expertise and resources. The international alliance framework aims to enhance public safety, safeguard, and safeguard transportation infrastructure worldwide through collaboration, leadership, and strategic decision-making.

The committee structure addresses various aspects of port security and resilience while ensuring effective decision-making and coordination. Here is an overview of the committee structure: Managed by the Chair and Vice Chairs and supported by the Secretary General through the Director of Practices & Standards, who will bring decisions to the Executive Committee.