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After the 2013 Los Angeles shooting incident, we began working together, focusing on two significant issues identified by our Chief at the Los Angeles Airport and Seaports. One of the most significant; and one that has continued at most other mass people environments is the failure of communication.

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Security Communication: based on lessons learned

Mass Security Environment Communications

Communication in a crisis is a challenge at best. One of the optimal ways to communicate and collaborate is using VOIP, as it has been shown today, as a reliable tool for moving information and direction of staff and the general public in a crisis. Moreover, the technology has evolved to the point it can be used internally by police and security, as well as the same system for notification and communication with the public from a city down to a block within the city and even down to the incident area.

Our best practices review communication and you are encouraged to review the Preview Guide.

Since 2015, we have assisted and collaborated to maximize a reliable communication system meeting our requirements. Based on these efforts, we teamed up with the Morrone 9/11 Center and are pleased to recommend the Atlas One system. This system meets or exceeds our recommendations and is used in several cities in the United States.

We are pleased to present Atlas One; a purpose-built communications platform that helps public safety and security organizations modernize the way you interact with your staff, personnel and visitors.

  • Automate alerts to the public about active incidents and issues

  • Communicate across all of your digital channels

  • Effortlessly manage incoming tips, evidence, and service requests

Custom/Bespoke programmes such as hearing impaired and evacuation scenarios using audio and visual integration in cooperation with Atlas IED

Disclosure: The Morrone 9/11 Center may receive compensation if an authority purchases the communication system.

Mass Communications

Collaborative communication has moved from single-line telephone use and one-channel radios to an increasing community of solutions. Each jurisdiction must evaluate its requirements. That said, a community-based solution that provides preventative and protective methods with the ability to work internally and externally was the direction we worked on and are pleased that technology has advanced to ensure reasonable reliability from operational, emergency, to crisis management use. We encourage every jurisdiction to evaluate systems with these capabilities.

From Operations to Crisis Management

One collaborative system Staff, tenants, public, security & police


Together, We are a Global Force

We as a Global Force can work together, share ideas, and investigate what others know, or what projects they have accomplished. One system, highly encrypted that allows senior staff to communicate & collaborate worldwide with other authorities.

Best Practises - Lessons Learned

Below is a Preview Guide of the Community Security Practice for your evaluation.

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