Public Safety

Public safety at airports and seaports is a top priority for our governments, police, security and transportation operators worldwide. These facilities are critical infrastructure for global trade and travel, and they are also potential targets for terrorist attacks and other criminal activity.

We work to connect the police and security forces who play a critical role in mass people environments. We place a priority on preventative security as a method of avoiding incidents through tactic promote eys and ears of the community and strategies that incorporate intelligence and evidence based guidance to help provide sustainable solutions.

Police and security personnel in mass people environments typically have a variety of operational duties but need to be prepared for emergencies and crisis events in a given instance.

Police and security personnel in mass people environments must be highly trained and experienced. They must be able to think quickly and effectively in a crisis. They must also be able to communicate effectively with the public.

The presence of police and security personnel in mass people environments can help deter crime and make people feel safer. It is important to note, however, that no security measure is perfect. Police and security personnel cannot prevent all crimes or accidents. However, the public can play an important role in keeping people safe in mass people environments by being the eyes and ears. Learn more


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