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Bringing government and authority officials from around the world to share, learn, debate, statigize and collaborate on issues effecting maritime security .

The 4th Summit in London was well received. Over 50 countries attended. You may browse through and view some of the presenter and their presentation from the Summit.  We look forward to next years Summit.

4th World Summit in London 

The 4th World Port Security Summit held in London at the IMO Headquarters. 

Global trade by sea is dependent on the interconnection between ships, ports and people - and everyone needs to be involved, from port operators, to regulators, to maritime security experts and innovators in technology. The theme of mutual cooperation and collaboration was highlighted throughout a special event on ports, held at IMO Headquarters (11 June). The Special Port Event was supported by IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim, in collaboration with the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH).

IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim


Joseph Lawless

On the June 12th and 13th the INTERPORTPOLICE in cooperations with the IMO presented the forum delegates with the opportunity to learn and discuss more about the different types of threat that the maritime sector are currently facing. 


Speakers from world authorities presented how to conduct information exchange regarding the various risk management approaches that represent what nations and authorities have adopted; and what they should be considering. 


Other issues included improving inter-agency cooperation, threat and vulnerability assessments, risk management, enhancing the effectiveness of access control and identity authentication, communication, cyber, and incident response.  Discussion and presentations identified and promulgate resources, best practices, and future work priorities pertaining to the port security committees.  

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