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INTERPORTPOLICE recognises the need for a single, highly secure, reliable mobile encrypted application for law enforcement and public safety officials that allows on-demand communication requirements, provide global access to voice, text, & media sharing and meeting capabilities, to include screen sharing; at no cost whatsoever.

The system was due to be launched in April as part of our Community Security and Port Security Management Systems [PSeMS] best practice - and is also to include the new Atlas One mass environment situational alert communication platform for environment personne..

However, because of the current status of the coronavirus, through our agreement with Netsfere, we have chosen to provide this global enterprise system now to facilitate global communication and sharing.

Those who are invited will receive an invitation from NetSfere Messaging and referring the INTERPORTPOLICE.

Once you download the app will have immediate access to the full system. 

If you would like to nominate other officials to join the platform a link is below.  Those nominated need to be senior official personnel.



Once in the messaging system, you may make one to one or set up group(s).  If you have a notice you have a message worth broadcasting to all users, forward to srmx@interportpolice.org and an administrator will need to push out the information.  In April we will be able to define dedicated user groups for various segments.


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The Netsfere Mobile Application is a secure encrypted communication application, part of Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc, a $5 billion worldwide communication company.  The application is similar to WhatsApp, but the data is managed by the INTERPORTPOLICE in a highly encrypted. 


This program made possible in cooperation of the Morrone 9/11 Center.

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