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Provided in cooperation with the Morrone 9/11 Center

SRMX is about the interaction and communication of officials among the authorities for a safer world.


These plans are available at no cost to a qualified authority and or personnel*.

Since 2013 the INTERPORTPOLICE has provided sharing tools to benefit officials to connect, share and communicate. 

Outlined below are solutions based on capabilities and purpose.  Often it may depend on the overall requirements needed.  If you are wondering what may be best to use our staff, who have been working in the collaborative sector for several years can point to a suggested direction.  We as an organization have made arrangements for special programs, often at no or little cost. Additional capabilities and features may be available to an authority.  Each of these solution are  well vetted. The following programs are supported:


Secure Private Communication

As easy and more secure than WhatsApp.  Encrypted voice, text, document, and meeting capabilities. Provided by NetSfere, a $5 billion communication company.

Available to for authority to authority use at no cost.


Mass Environment Notifications

A multi-layered geo situational enterprise alert system to unlimited personnel. Send notices on demand, scheduled and or entry  into a geofenced area.  Available to every authority and city in the world.  Optional features available.


Management Tools

Enterprise collaboration app.  The Microsoft's TEAM App is an effective collaborative way to meet, communicate and work together for better day to day efficiency. 

No fees: See how!


Restricted Sharing Portals

Our orginial legacy portal for law enforcement and intelligence security portal for ONIST information to allow for open or restricted user access. We also are UN - IMO web access administrator.

No fee to authority users.


We are pleased we could accelerate the Global Transportation and Border Communication App and the Mass Geo Environment Situational Awareness Alert System due to the status of the Coronasvirus.  Effective communication and collaboration is essential. You will find these solution effective, easy to use

and useful applications.

Secure Communication App

Building a Global Directory 

Our effort is to provide all aviation and maritime senior personnel this app so they may work together worldwide. We are pleased to announce  our adoption of the NetSfere mobile App.

This state of the art on-demand app provides real-time enterprise system allowing for:

  • Global Directory of users

  • HD worldwide calling

    • One to one​

    • On demand group(s)

  • SMS messaging

  • Document - media sharing

  • Meetings on demand to include screen sharing

  • Video sharing

  • Encrypted email account

Transportation and Border officials can now be part our global  communication system and have worldwide access through these communication and collaboration tools to keep in touch and work together globally.


The NetSere App is being used around the world, this $5 billion communication company is making a real change in providing a secure  compliant  global communication app.  

in addition to our full enterprise program, your authority may have the application in your own  environment for 2,000 users at no cost, with upgradeable features.

  • Fee for enterprise use - No fee

  • Beta tested since 2018 - now available

Environment Layered Geo Alert Situational Awareness System

The administrative dashboard provides for multi-layered geofencing that allows multiple alerts fields. The smart app is available to all personnel.

Alert Features:

  • Multi-layer geofencing configuration

  • On demand notices

  • Scheduled  notices

  • geo-fenced notices upon entrance

  • Unlimited environment users

The new AtlasOne global enterprise system comes from the experience of Mobile PD's over 100 police jurisdiction in the United States and Canada using it current system.  This redesigned platform offers state of the art features. Piloted by major jurisdictions we are pleased to bring this advanced system.

Fee: Although there is no fee required, our need to be supported and we would ask for a consideration of a donation to the 9/11 Center to bring the Alert system to all authorities so we may protect the environments.  We are asking for a suggested $1,500 annnual donation to the Morrone 9/11 Center.** 

  • Additional optional features available from provider

    • 2-way communications​

    • Private Public Safety App

    • Integration with CAD ...

Organizational Collaboration Pilot Programs for Public Safety 

Moving of information and interactive conversation about that information is essential, technology today allows for  organizational wide sharing.  


Digital Blue's ENforceNet is a police communications solution for mapping, unit status, secure communication, and more: 

  • CJIS - compliant

  • Operates on iOS and Android 

  • Also web app for mapping

  • Completely standalone

  • Upgrade to add integrations:

    • sensors, live video streaming cameras, alerting and notification systems, and even a CAD."

    • Low cost entry application



Microsoft Teams is an integrated part of  Office 365.  If you have Office 365, then you have TEAMs at no additional cost.  Also if you do not, there is a starter program for 300 users at not cost.  

Integrated features with all Office 365 products; teams bring working together more manageable. 

  • Chat

  • Meet

  • Call

  • Collaborate


Two European countries, United kingdom and Belgium,  just adopted Microsoft Teams for all their police jurisdictions to collaborate.  Learn more... We can assist setting up a TEAMs program and with other Microsoft and Google solutions though our referral  agreement with Sherweb, managing over 40,000 clients in 100 countries.

Sherweb agreement through 9/11 Center.

We understand public safety collaboration requirements and have useful information on the type of situations an authority has to manage in an emergency or crisis.  We want to help.  Every solution offered is well vetted and provides a substantial solution at no cost, low entry, or pilot program to the authority. 

Some have optional capabilities and features available.


UN - IMO Web Portal


The INTERPORTPOLICE holds consultative status with the International Maritime Organization. We are an administrator and facilitate access to the IMO web portal for appropriate organizations who wish access to the maritime security and other relevant information.


The site provides important international regulation and on going country interaction.  If your organization is interested and want to nominate a person to manage information for your authority please contact us.

  • Fee for use - No fee

SRMXos Interactive Intelligence Portal


Available to eligible law enforcement and security and requires an invitation to have access. The site currently has over 500 users.  Some portions of the site are restricted to law enforcement, but most is open to all officials. 


The site provide interactive open source intelligence through various means with active administration.  LEO restricted portion to some of the channels.


  • Fee for use - No fee

  • Available since 2013

Portal Registration Request / Interest Form

We look forward to you or your authority participating in one or more of the collaboration and communication programs.


Working together we can make a difference.  This quest began when our colleague, friend and incoming board president Superintendent of Police and Director of Public Safety Fred V. Morrone perished along with 36 of his officers in the World Trade Towers on 9/11.  On the first anniversary, at the 9/11 Memorial, our Board and the Morrone family agreed to work together and establish programs that would support keeping the world a safer place in Morrone's name.  In addition, we incorporated 37 stars into our emblems to represent the Port Authority fallen officers.

Further, in 2014 after the active shooter at Los Angeles International Airport, working with our chiefs and two board members form the LA Airport and Seaport Police identified communication and collaboration as a primary focus for the INTERPORTPOLICE. 


We continue this effort and look forward to officers and officials joining to achieving making every authority, jurisdiction, and environment as safe as possible. 

We Shall Never Forget

Our Mission is to Make the World a Safer Place

Conditions and Information

*User eligibility:  Vetted personnel from law enforcement and public safety authorities and other invited organizations.  Some programs, or aspects within a platform may be limited to law enforcement personnel only.  Organizations whose countries are member of the United Nations or INTERPOL are normally accepted and agree to the INTERPORTPOLICE interagency member program upon use of the platforms. 

** A suggested donation of $1,500 is asked for the AtlasOne Alert platform, supporting the efforts of the Morrone 9/11 Center for Counterterrorism and Security education, research, and recognition programs; and also a portion of the donation is given to the 9/11 Museum.  Both organizations are  501 C3 qualified.

One More Item

PSeMS Cover V1 11_19_2.png
Brochure PDF Link

The Project Griffin Community Security and Port Security Management System [PSeMS] will be announced in April.  PSeMS is provided to authorities at no cost.

This mass environment program is designed to provide a top down quality assurance system.  Communication is a key aspect.

Learn More about our environment security and training 

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