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Evidence Based Practices

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Community Intelligence

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Securtiy Culture

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Review and Adoption

The Programme

A best practice security initiative designed to assist government, public authorities, transportation security, critical infrastructure, security operations, and mass event environments implement strategic action in an environment to provide a safer and less vulnerable community. In addition, the program provides a critical communication management, smart app to manage and control your environments, communication for community intelligence, mass notification, operational, and crisis management use

Practices and Standards

Although each environment is different we can embrace standards and practices that are evidence based.  To do this, first you must change the mindset of how you approach security and enforcement.  This must change can not only be with police and security personnel.  The environment must adopt a community security posture and be inclusive.


Continued Threat 

When we review other recent incidents, such as the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Brussels and others actual and false incident, it has shown us our build out of security relying on sterile areas of an environment and expectations of technology feel short.  


We must look at the human factor, technology and encompass our environment with a holistic approach that focuses on the community around the environment and the entire environment itself.  To do this, however, we are challenged by the fact we cannot use any of the methods we have relied on in the past.  For example, at an airport we must go beyond the sterile areas to land side, but provide the same level of security.  When you move onto  public transportation system the requirements, even become harder, yet must attempt to provide the same level of security.


Project Griffin is designed to a be an inexpensive counterrorism program that is implemented through our Train the Trainer lessons. ​We encourage you to learn more about the project and contact us for further information.  Further, we found that communication is the most prevalent Achilles heel in most emergency and crisis situations.  We have however found effective communication tools can be used to address a number of issues from insider threats to to an active shooter.  To go a step beyond it can provide you the power of communication to your entire security environment on a proactive basis. 


Project Griffin International is a programme of the INTERPORTPOLICE under a 2015 MOU with the UK policing programme.  Project Griffin is a registered trademark of the City of London Police, all rights reserved. Project Griffin International is supported by the Morrone 9/11 Center for Counterterrorism and Security. 

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