Project Griffin International

Project Griffin International (PGI) is a police and security initiative designed to assist government, public authorities, transportation security, critical infrastructure, security operations, and mass event environments implement strategic action in an environment to provide a safer and less vulnerable community. In addition the program provides a critical communication management smart app to manage and control your environments communication for community intelligence, mass notification, operational, and crisis management use.  Also, more on the Community Security Best Practice (CSBP) and Port Security Management System (PseMS) Preview under the "strategy tap".

International AVSEC Police Council

The INTERPORTPOLICE, Jointly with the European Commission's AIRPOL, meets with senior command leadership to address current security issues such as lone actor incidents and mass evacuation.  Our focus is on discussing methods for implementing procedures and practices in the security environments.  In addition, we work together test such practices and provide outcomes to our jurisdictions. 

World Port Security Summits

The global government and authority forum addresses specific areas of security and provide valuable information on best practices; with the intention of enhanced engagement between policymakers, UN and government agencies, and; security, law enforcement, crisis management response operatives with respect to ports, terminals, cruise and ferry public safety. Issues include improving inter-agency cooperation, threat and vulnerability assessments, risk management, enhancing the effectiveness of access control and identity authentication, communication, cyber, and incident response.

International Police & Public Safety 9/11 Medal

We honor our fallen colleagues and all those who continue the fight against terrorism.   The INTERPORTPOLICE works to nominate officers and to assist the 9/11 Center in their mission is to advance innovation, educate, train, recognize those who excel in fighting terrorism, and support counterterrorism programs that achieve these efforts for critical infrastructure, mass events, transportation and border security.

SRMX - Security Resources Xchange

The SRMX project is a multi purpose collaborative project offing Expert Advisor service provides governments, authorities, and other security organizations,

an Interactive Intelligence Portal is available to eligible law enforcement and security, and  a Product Directory that is open to anyone and focuses on law enforcement, security, and critical infrastructure technology and equipment.  The directory guide allows companies to display their information through our listings. products, and banner advertising

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