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Secretary General Grant announced the new INTERPORTPOLICE website. He stated, "we wanted to offer a more modern site that focused on our people and project. We still have a few items to fix, but overall very please with the work done to the new website.

The new site provides a focus on the Authorities the INTERPORTPOLICE works with Airports, Seaports, Transport and the International border agencies who work within the jurisdictions.


The INTERPORTPOLICE is focusing on current challenges to security with active shootings, and other terrorist type events, especially that many are being perpetrated by lone actors.

Other parts of the site include:

  1. A project Review page

  2. Project Griffin - Changing the mid set in security

  3. Morrone 9/11 Center and the 9/11 Medal Ceremony

  4. SRMX - Security Resource Collaboration

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