The Executive Board is transitioning to a new structure. The Executive Board is made the President and three Vice Presidents, all who are authority sworn officers, a Charter Secretary, the Secretary General and 3 Regional Commissioners from 5 regions from different countries selected by the Executive Board.

All vice presidents must be from different countries; and regional commissioner must be from different countries, however a president, vice president or regional commissioner could happen there are two from the same county.  Global, regional diversity representation of leadership is the focus.    The transition is expected to be complete by October 2019. 

Executive Board

Director Joseph Lawless, President

US Maritime Committee,  Boston, U.S. 

Chief Russell Whitmarsh

Immediate Past President (Acting)

Port of Houston Authority (r)

Antonio Michel

Head of Security, Panama Canal Authority


Asst. Chief Constable John Donlon

Metropolitan Police (r), United Kingdom

Jay Grant

Secretary General

Security Committee

George Centeno  - United States

Andy Blackwell - United Kingdom

Fredrik Cornell - Sweden

Our president’s have guided the organization throughout the years


We are honored by their outstanding service.Jurisdiction member authorities put forth a command officer to preside as president presiding over the board of directors. To date 22 chiefs, superintendents, chief constable and director generals from 8 countries served as president of the board.  Every jurisdiction and its’ selection as president has brought visions and expertise as they perform their duties within their own authority or agency. A jurisdiction selection as president can now presides for a single year term, allowing movement through the chairs.


Past Presidents

2010 – 16 Chief Ronald Boyd: Port of Los Angeles Police Department, United States

2007 – 09 Chief Russell Whitmarsh: Houston Port Authority, United States

2001 – 07 Chief Superintendent Henk van Unnik: Port of Rotterdam, Seaport Police, Netherlands

1999 – 01 Chief Noel Cunningham: Port of Los Angeles, United States:

1997 – 99 Brigadier General Saad M. Al–Shuhayeb: Saudi Arabia

1995 – 97 Chief Ronald Driscole, United States

1994 – 95 Assistant Commissioner Laban Kauga, Tanzania

1992 – 94 Chief Superintendent Robert Bertelson, United States

1990 – 92 Chief Superintendent John Boyle, United Kingdom

1988 – 90 Superintendent Peter L. K. Lee: National Police Agency, Asia Pacific:

1886 – 88 Colonel Rokus den Breejen, Netherlands

1984 – 86 Lt. Colonel Frank Mazzone, United States

1982 – 84 Commissioner Fred Bean,OBE, Bermuda

1980 – 82 Chief Ray Havens, United States

1978 – 80 Superintendent Walter Lee, United States

1976 – 78 Chief Constable Eric Ellen, United Kingdom

1975 – 76 Superintendent Theodore Ciunyk, Canada

1974 – 75 Chief Thomas Jones, United States

1973 – 74 Chief Constable DCW (Peter) Gannon, United Kingdom

1972 – 73 Chief Lewis Brown, United States

1971 – 71 Captain Robert Herzog, United States

1970 – 71 Director General Donald Cassidy, Canada

1969 – 70 Board Only

1968 - Board In formation 

Secretary  Generals

The Organization has had 5 Secretary General over the 49 year history.


The operations of the organization collectively fall under the Office of the Secretariat lead by the Secretary General.


The Secretary serves as the director and chief executive overseeing operations of the international organization. Their duties include implementing the decisions of the General Assembly and the Executive Board, providing a technical and information  for the mutual benefit of the transportation law enforcement and public safety departments, maintaining contact with national and international authorities, implementing operational contracts and programs, and serving as an Ambassador of the Organization.


A primary mission of the Secretary is to serve as the international center for public safety and the prevention of public transportation terrorism and serious crime. 

Jay Grant, United States  2010 – Current

Michael Toddington, Canada 

Tim Kimsey, United States

Eric Ellen, United Kingdom

Donald Cassidy, Canada

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