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Orgin of Project Griffin

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Community Intelligence

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Securtiy Culture

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Review and Adoption

Train the Trainer

Project Griffin International provides a cost effective and efficient method of bringing the community together to provide a fortress of security using active and passive individuals who work, live and pass through the environment.  


The program provides a template based on 15 years of project experience.  The trainers are assisted in setting up the security curriculum for those staff and tenant employees within the environment; they each are awarded a certificate and Griffin Security Pin.  

Create a Security Culture

Educate Your Environment: insider threat - to other crimes - to everyday public safety

Begin with the basics to ensure your environment is protected and how to best use the eyes and ears of your active personnel, tenants & community; and learn more about Project Griffin Train the Trainer and evaluation options. 

Environment Security Strategy


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Griffin on the Go - Operational Deterrence 


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Port Security Management Systems - PSeMS


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  Risk Assessment and Verification Operations (BRAVO) 

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Minimum Presentation

·       Threat and History

·       Hostile Recon

·       IED’s

·       Active shooter

·       Cordon of incident

·       Cyber – good housekeeping


Additional subjects may be added based on the environment and for advanced presentations.


The initial program takes 3 days working with the authority training staff and includes: 

  • Explanation and benefits of Project Griffin

  • Risk, threat and holistic approach to security

  • Full Run through the presentation.  

  • USB with Template and provisional starter product

  • How to set up and run the administrative side of the project

  • How to ensure marketing the project locally

  • Community engagement Griffin App

  • Enterprise Field & Command Systems

  • Explanation of Griffin Mobile Ops App - Everi

  • Services from the Griffin program and INTERPORTPOLICE

Train the Trainer Course Brochure
Take the Next Step - Protect Your Environment


  • Objectives

  • Course material

  • Training outcomes

  • Training venue

Environment Communication

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Meet our Training Director -  Neville Hay 

The target active workers within the environment; working from the center, usually the authority staff and building out even beyond the perimeter of the community environment to include hotels and other appropriate places that may have first-hand knowledge of suspicious activities of individuals based on where they are located.

A retired UK Special Branch CT detective, ICAO AVSEC PM and UK Level 3 DFT AVSEC manager accredited by the UK Department for Transport as an aviation security trainer, combined with 32 years diverse operational policing experience, including representation of the multi-agency South East Regional Organized Crime Unit.  He was part of the shadow Border Police Command the precursor to the introduction of the UK National Crime Agency. The later part of his career spent in Special Branch the Oldest Counter Terrorism Unit in the World dealing with National Security and safeguarding Members of the Royal family, Heads of States, and Government officials.

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