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PSeMS -  Security Evidence Based Practices

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Securtiy Culture

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Review and Adoption

14 Years Of Getting It Right

Project Griffin International is a seasoned and validated counterterrorism best practice providing a holistic approach to a critical infrastructure's environment to include: airport’s, seaports, transport and border policing and security.


This community based strategy offers a tactical roadmap, and operational structure to implement jurisdictional command collaboration, sharing, awareness, protection, and aftermath implementation that affects an authority internally and externally to ensure safety and security.

Project Griffin was originally introduced by the City of London Police and Metropolitan Police in April 2004 to help London's financial sector better protect itself against terrorist threats and multiple bomb events. It has since become a national practice of the United Kingdom overseen by the UK's police support unit, the National Counterterrorism Security Office.  

April 2015, the INTERPORTPOLICE entered into an MOU with the UK Executive Board to bring Project GriffinC) to the transportation security sector worldwide under the name Project Griffin International.

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The Need for a New Mindset

We spend billions to ensure against terrorism and  lone actor serious crime incidents.  We learned we had not done enough and had to rethink our mindset after the realization of an incident on  November 1, 2013, when a gunman walked into Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport and killed a security officer at a checkpoint, causing panic, a mass evacuation and the shut down of the airport for 30 hours. We used our relationships to pursue solutions.

We met with our Chiefs, discussed the requirements, and pursued a course of action that would offer an affordable counter terrorism and serious crime program. Of late, we have seen Brussels, Fort Lauderdale, Manchester, Paris, Berlin, and others. We have reviewed them all; and have initiated a joint international CT transportation security program. 


Based on evidence base practices Project Griffin International provides best practices for critical infrastructure environments. This includes counterterrorism environment evaluations, education, training programs, and a critical communication management system smart app.

Our mission is to assist in making your environment a safer place.  Our program and experts can help.  Contact us at griffin@interportpolice.org

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