Protecting a large environments takes more than a fence, police &

security officers; it takes your community.

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Although it was the Los Angeles Airport active shooter incident in 2013 that opened our eyes, other incidents such as Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting, Brussels Airport bombing, London Oxford Street false reporting causing panic, the Las Vegas shooting, Manchester UK, Ariana concert and Paris, Stade de France, Football Stadium all bring to light the same challenges.  

As practitioners involved in policing and counter terrorism we understand what is required, what can help mitigate the threat and risk to those in the immediate environment. By involving the environment’s community and empowering communication, you can make a difference to prevent, protect and prepare against those who wish to bring harm.  Our quest is to assist in the mitigation of those risks.  

A collaborative enterprise system offers a communication tool that supports the preventative aspects of the risk, and also addresses the protect, pursue, and prepare requirements for operational and crisis management   use allowing for interoperability, information exchange, and enhancing intelligence flow.   All communication is secure and the organization is in control of the data at all times.


Our involvement has been with the technology partners so they could bring forth the  several aspects of communication required for our environments; and work every day and every time regardless of current operational requirements.

Communication is often the Achilles heel in an emergency

Community intelligence is a proven good practice. Community interaction is essential, having effective and managed communication within the security environment  brings together those within the community and provides a shield to prevent, deter, and mitigate threat risks.

By enabling an educated community with an effective and simple to use reporting tool, it provided security and police to use the eyes and ears of the security community.  Moving information with options of various media options: photo, video, voice, Geo-location pin, or texting; provides real-time data to the communication center. Reliable two-way communication puts security in control.


As part of the Griffin community team, if a user sees anything out of place, an incident or activity, or insider threat; they have the ability to report it quickly and quietly, via photo, video, voice note, pin location or text.  See it - Say it - Report it


Essential communication means keeping the right information in front of the right personnel.  Collaboration with greater effectiveness, authority and on a one to one, one to many and many to many basis. 


Essential operational communication is important to any critical national infrastructure, mass event environment and transportation hub authority.  The amount of information sent to an individual can be staggering.  Interactive collaboration provides for timely response, and knowing who and about the data and information is important.  In the event of an emergency or crisis, the communication factor increases several times over, making it even more important.

We see officers and staff using WhatsApp type smart apps because they offer  a of features and capabilities based on social media communication protocols. This drove our Project to follow this path and duplicate this intuitive, with easy to use, easy to manage technology. 

Always In Touch

Keeping in touch with personnel is essential, the organization and the individual users a social media communication for easy contact, knowing where their workspaces, tasks, notifications and reports are - in the palm of their hand, anywhere in the world,   a critical component of public safety.

Preventative measures are a key aspect of Project Griffin; from the police, security to the tarmac and aircrew, administrative staff, operation agents, mutual aid responders, to the communities private sector  businesses. There is the ability to always be in touch to provide notices, alerts, daily operation communication requirements; to emergency  and crisis management.  

The system should have permission capabilities and access role-based, this allows for management and control of the secure system’s information,  manager; Geo-location provides  user location.  

An emergency or crisis is not the time to learn a system.   Being  connected all the time the organization provides seamless communication in real-time, for   faster  and   coordinated,  interoperable response; thus a comprehensive unified communication system to better manage the negative impact of an event.

Situational Awarness

Having the use of environment information allows users, managers, and operators the use of situational awareness mapping and contributing media provide real-time decision  awareness and security. Geo-location features provides routine to event management control operationally.

In every event we have investigated social media protocol data management has continued to work while radios, cellular, and even 911/999/111 systems for different reasons have failed.  In addition, often failing to reach all the appropriate stakeholders.

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