Authority Particpation

The INTERPORTPOLICE primary focus is counterterrorism, and transnational criminal activity. We assist the authorities with vulnerability review assessments, community CT programs and bringing forward effective CT technology solutions that are designed to mitigate violent acts and promote transportation and border security. We encourage you to join us in participating in our counterterrorism working groups and the summit.  

Learn more about Project Griffin International CT program for your environment.  Email us at

Any country that is a member of the United Nations, INTERPOL or other special invited country may participate as observing authority. Those authorities who have donor status have additional delegate benefits.

Would You Like to Help?  Become an Advisor!

The INTERPORTPOLICE is looking for former police officers and officials to volunteer in helping our efforts with Project Griffin, our counterterrorism and intelligence efforts.

Also needed are those who wish to assist in the 9/11 Center's education, research, and recognition programs.  Learn more.

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Welcome! We look forward to your participation. Police and public safety authorities who have transportation, border and mass event responsibilities at an airport or seaport or related authority may apply for membership.


  • Agency – Police force or law enforcement agency with airport, seaport, transport, border or customs jurisdiction responsibilities within aviation, maritime, transport based disciplines relating to passengers, cargo and critical infrastructure; or


  • Associate Agency – Public/government agency having public safety or security, executive, policy and oversight responsibilities with an airport, seaport and or transport or other policing organization who does not meet the eligibility requirements as an Agency Member;

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