The Assembly, comprised of all international Delegate Authorities is convened by the Executive Board at a suitable time and place. An extraordinary meeting of the Assembly may be held at any time upon the call of the Executive Board or at the request of not less than one-fifth of the total number of Member Organisations.

The Assembly has numerous powers and duties, among them to: elect the Member Authorities to be represented as officers on the Executive Board; examine and take appropriate action on the reports of the Executive Board and decide any matter reported to it by the Executive Board. 


The Assembly may refer, at its discretion, to the Executive Board, to subsidiary commissions or to any other body any matter within its sphere of action. It can delegate to the Executive Board and Secretary General the powers and authority necessary or desirable for the discharge of the duties of InterPortPolice.


In general, it reviews in detail the work of the Organization in the technical, administrative, economic, legal and technical cooperation fields. It has the power to approve amendments to the Charter Constutiontion and Regulations, which are subject to ratification by Member Authorities.

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