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We engage with our police and security forces globally to provide operational projects and practices that are designed to provide a safer environment in the protection of passengers, critical infrastructure and personnel within the port and mass event environments, and the supply chain using evidenced based security strategies. 


The are over 2,500 airports with a police and security presence in the world, from modest to several million passengers a year.  Security and enforcement are a high priority at any airport.  Yet at the same time there is the difficult task of making the customer experience as smooth as possible.  Not any easy formula, but keeping our critical infrastructure, employees, and passenger is of the highest priority.  



Public transportation moves million of people during their every day lives.  Whether by train, ferry, transit, or bus, they connect riders throughout our cities, suburbs, mass events, airports and seaports; providing safe transit.  However, security on public transportation is one of the most vulnerable; and safeguards must be in place to ensure maximum protection. 


Seaports are economic engines of the community with thousand of moving parts everyday.  They are responsible for over 95% of international trade and ensure that the just in time supply chain does not miss a beat.  Seaports are also a place where you will find Cruise ships and the gathering of several thousand of passengers per ship.  Maritime partners around the world port security work together to ensure security management system are adopted  


Both airports and seaports are key international borders.  From moving people to cargo, border security plays an important part of protecting Nations and communities. Together working with national governments, port authority officials work hand in hand to ensure a safe and reliable environment is created.  

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